The 8 Virtues…Mottos of Character

The 8 Virtues crest is an icon in the Child of Virtue character education program. Each of the 8 Virtues is represented by a specific color and symbol.  Each virtue is clearly defined and a simple motto helps children to remember and internalize the meanings.  For more information visit

HUMILITY is a healthy balance between strengths and weaknesses.  MOTTO: Humility is modestly and meekly moving towards mercy and service to others.

COURAGE is commitment to facing fears and challenges.  MOTTO:  When courage is discharged, fear is conquered.

CLEANLINESS is order of body, space and mind that leads to planned health and happiness.  MOTTO: Cleanliness removes clutter and confusion, and creates a space for contemplation and consideration.

OBEDIENCE is compliance through performance and respect.  MOTTO:   Obedience requires patience and resilience, performance and respect.

INDUSTRY includes setting goals, managing time, working hard, and being persistent.  MOTTO:  Work will work when wishy washy whining won’t.

WISDOM is earned through knowledge and experience.  MOTTO:  Words of wisdom grow as we reflect on the truths we know.

GRATITUDE is expressing thanks for all things.  MOTTO:  The platitude of gratitude is an attitude of thanks.

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