My Child

You are my child.  You are unique.  You are special.  You are one of a kind, an individual.  Your birth was a celebration.  Each accomplishment of your development added to the joy that makes up the rich memory of my life.  You are my meaning, but not an object or possession.  You are not a means to fulfill my emptiness, but rather the whole purpose for my being.  You are the select blend of your mother and my genetic codes; a little bit of this and a portion of that.  You have been placed to grow alongside your brothers and sisters who are similar, yet individual.  You share characteristics and aspects of personality from a long line of great people who are linked to a royal lineage of grand lives and prestigious souls.  Not everything you will experience will be positive.  Not everything you will experience will be pleasant.  Yet, all of it is necessary to make you who you will become.  Loved equally as a member of the family, yet valued and cherished as individuals, you must go and find your destiny, be it great or small.  Spread your wings, stretch them long and wide.  Soar with the best, and don’t fear failure.  This life is but a short time.  The saddest thing is not to fail but the remorse of saying, “It might have been.”  My love for you is real.  Love is not a quantity to be measured and dispensed; it is an unending, expanding gift.  Without end, it cannot be taken.  Once given it is there for eternity embedded deep within the very fibers of our souls.  I will hold this gift of knowing you close to my heart for eternity.  You are never alone.  You are my child.

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