The Squeaky Wheel

As an individual, a nation, and a culture, we choose the future of our world and society.  Our voice is heard even when silent.  Apathy is a choice with long-reaching effects.  The vocal minority rules the apathetic majority on many occasions.  To avoid such an outcome, let your voice be heard.  My mother emphasized this sentiment when she said, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  The spirit of democracy is not to control people.  Freedom to choose, even poorly, is a right we all desire.  Protecting that choice has resulted in wars, heartache, and sacrifice throughout the ages.  Sadly it remains a necessary endeavor even today.

Many of us have evolved to a point in life where choices may now be greatly limited.  Decisions made either consciously or by default open up some opportunities while closing others.  There is sadness at the realization of closed options.  This awareness occurs either immediately or at a later time when the recognition of the consequences of our choices strikes.  We are indebted to our choices and can never be free from accountability for them.  By stalling on a pressing decision we are deciding just the same.  Refusing to make a decision is, in fact, a decision.  Many of us are caught in the discomfort of conflicting ideas.  Complete alignment in thought and deed is rare.  The resulting dissonance is painful, dysfunctional, and fear-generating.  Paranoia and disillusionment are byproducts of this mental dissonance.  By oiling our own squeaky wheels we gain the courage to be the change in our own lives.

“We cannot change our thoughts without changing our lives in the process.”
~ James Allen (1964-1912)

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