The 8 Virtues Crest…An Icon of Character


A crest is an emblem or badge which is a sign of achievement, and represents the beliefs or standards of a person, family, state or group.  In the past, crests often appeared on shields as a way of identifying members of a group.  It is a visual reminder of important beliefs and values that guide the individual or group.

The Child of Virtue crest was developed to visually represent virtuous living.  It is an icon in the 8 Virtues character education training and curriculum.  The crest incorporates the 8 Virtues, the crowning goal of Peace, as well as the 8 Virtues rainbow.  It shows that the virtues build upon one another with the goal of attaining peace.  Gratitude is the central symbol depicting how all other virtues are sustained by it.  The crowning achievement is the star that sits atop the crest to signify the peak attainment of peace.

Each of the 8 Virtues is represented by a distinct color and symbol.
Humility – pink – key
Courage – red – heart
Cleanliness – green – leaf
Obedience – white – scale
Industry – orange – gears
Integrity – blue – arrow
Wisdom – purple – crown
Gratitude – tan – hand

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